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New York City

I Like the Idea of Living in a City. Any City, Especially a Strange One.

New York City Cover
illustration of new york city map, with text stating: The magnitude of my affection for this city is somewhat absurd. there's something about New York that allows me to explore different facets of myself, depending on the day's whims.  One day, I Engage in the quintessential tourist activities with mum [and secretly enjoy them]. another day I have fancy dinners with friends at the Polo Bar and Nobu or embark on a culinary expedition to sample as many spots as possible in Chinatown.  My afternoons are often spent lost in the literary worlds housed within Strand’s and Three Lives, punctuated by an uncountable number of oat lattes. Early mornings are for meandering through the city’s streets, enjoying breakfast at diners, or immersing myself in the endless wonders of the MET.
illustration of new york brownstone buildings
image collage of rainy new york city
illustrations of chrysler and empire state building
illustration of pearl diner, with text stating: We treat ourselves to a leisurely brunch, then    take the train up to 72nd. The afternoon is spent meandering through the corridors of the Natural History Museum, losing ourselves in the wonders it houses. Afterwards, we make our way to the park, where we enjoy the last sun rays of the day and a half-decent cuppa coffee.  Around us, autumn is gently claiming the city.
illustration of various subway signs
Image collage of New York City, with text stating: I'm fucking miserable, but at least i'm in my favourite city.
illustration of P.A. grocery
illustration of strawberry fields map and nyc taxi cab
illustration of three lives & company bookstore, text stating: I haven't told anyone that I've left for the US. For now, it remains my secret. Tonight, we met up with Matty's sister for dinner at Eleven Madison Park, followed by drinks at a nearby bar. Afterwards, we drunkenly roamed the streets of Chelsea.
illustration of the new york city public library