[ now – 03/2024 ]

Well, hello Spring! March unfolded in an unremarkable yet positively serene manner. It was a period devoid of significant lows or soaring highs, characterised instead by a steady contentment.

Though, one thing has been on my mind a lot these days: death. I do realise that mentioning it might not align with the absence of lows. It's a complex reflection, perhaps not a low in the traditional sense, but certainly a profound contemplation that's been on my mind quite a bit. My grams celebrated her 91st birthday this March. She's still quite active and healthy for her age, but we're all too aware that our time with her is limited. And then there's Rufus. My goodest boy will turn nine this June and we had a little health scare earlier this month. He's fine, don't worry! But the signs of aging are there—a few grey hairs around his nose, a bit of a decline in energy. I hate the thought of navigating life without him, or my grams.

On another note, work has been steady—a lot of complex token work, long days writing documentation, and in general a lot of fun. I've also been drawing a lot, not just for my daily drawing project but also for other side-projects. More on that soon-ish.

Some other things:

  • Gotten back into running and just general working out. On average, I'm hitting about 50 minutes of exercise each day. And as always, Yoga with Adrienne remains my go-to favourite for workouts.
  • Managed to finish only two books in February. I attempted to juggle multiple books simultaneously and ended up feeling quite overwhelmed. As the month drew to a close, I opted to speed through two books quickly just to ensure I had at least some reading accomplished.
  • Started a 365 day drawing challenge and finished a whole month of daily drawings. Hey, I'm really proud of myself!
  • Dani and I have kicked off a new tradition: monthly dinners to catch up. For our inaugural dinner, we actually opted for lunch at Nook followed by a leisurely walk to soak up some sun rays.
  • Spent a whole lot of time with the kids in my flat complex. We were busy with Easter DIYs, indulging in ice cream treats, and simply having a blast playing together.
  • Snagged tickets for the Belle & Sebastian concert in Berlin this June! Super excited to catch up with Stef and enjoy the show.
  • Gotten into ingredient prep lately. Typically, I prep a variety of salad toppings, whip up some homemade dressings, and roast a batch of veggies in the oven. It's made throwing dinner together so much easier.
  • Been pondering my future living situation quite a bit lately. On one hand, I'm reluctant to leave this flat complex, but on the other hand, I yearn for a larger flat with some outdoor space. I've set myself a timeline of a year to explore and find a new place that feels just right.
  • Researched a lot of sewing tutorials and patterns. Clothes shopping has been somewhat of a nightmare lately. Everything's over-priced polyester, super thin cotton and just overall poor quality. The idea of creating my own clothes has been brewing in my mind for years, and I'm seriously considering finally taking the plunge and starting this project.

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Average Steps
Days worked
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7h 35m
Average Wake up Time
6:38 AM
Average Bed time
10:43 pM
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