[ manifesto ]

I believe in building an inclusive web, and world, that's safe and accessible to all. My aim is to offer products and services that prioritise accessibility and contribute to an economy that nurtures both people and the planet. I seek to collaborate with clients who share these values and are aligned with this vision.

Below, you'll find lists of projects and industries that pique my interest. While this compilation isn't exhaustive, it offers a glimpse into the industries I'm keen to partner with. Additionally, you'll find a roster of industries that I prefer not to engage with.

Industries i'm interested in
  • Renewable Energy & Environmental/Green Tech
  • Public & New Forms of Transportation
  • Publishing, Literature, Libraries
  • Sustainability & Zero Waste
  • Education, Culture & Arts
  • Activism, NGOs/NPOs
  • Public & New Forms of Housing
  • Feminist, Green & Left Politics
  • Designer & Developer Tools
  • Community-Focussed Tools & Projects
  • Wellness, Health
  • FemTech, Women's Health
  • Open Source Projects
industries i'm NOT interested in:
  • NFTs, Crypto, Blockchain
  • Traditional Banking
  • Big Pharma, Pharmaceutical Lobbies
  • Oil & Gas Industries, Fossil fuels
  • Betting, Gambling
  • Tobacco, Vaping
  • Fast Fashion
  • Arms, Defense, Military, Weapons
  • Meat and Dairy
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